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WE MAKE FUN AND bold interior decor

About Maiis

biological material

Our products are made of PLA, a bioplastic made from corn. For every kilogram of PLA, a tree is planted with ONETREEPLANTED.

Engineering - layer by layer.

Instead of traditional manufacturing methods where material is subtracted to create an object, we use 3D printing. Material is added layer by layer. This is how our MAIIS creations are created right before your eyes. You can even see the layers on some vases if you look closely.

No extra material is wasted in this process. This is just a small step on the way to making our work as sustainable as possible.

Sustainably packaged with 0% plastic and 100% love

Your order will be packed in environmentally friendly grass cardboard. This consists of local grasses and recycled waste paper. The filling material is also made from plant starch and is 100% biodegradable.

Small, local and with heart

As a small Munich company, we design, produce and pack your order with a lot of passion.

We also support cancer research in Germany by selling our charity cookie cutters . €5 from each butterfly cutter goes to German Cancer Aid. Our fundraising campaign is officially registered with the German Cancer Aid under the campaign number: 49008472.